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    Choose the number of impressions: that is, the number of times your ad will appear on Google.

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    Complete the information sheet, indicating the name of your company, its address, its registration number, the URL address of your website, and your field of activity.

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    Indicate the country and the geographic area you want to cover with your Google Ads campaign (local, regional or national). As well as the language of your choice: English or French.

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    Pay and it's settled!

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PUBPUBGO takes care of everything

Your Google ads will be created within 3 to 5 working days from receipt of your payment.

The launch of your Google Ads campaign will be done as soon as it is accepted by Google Ads and will end as soon as the number of impressions is reached on Google.

Once your Google Ads campaign is finished, within 5 working days, you will receive a campaign report by email.

If you want to renew your Google Ads campaign, all you have to do is start over with a few clicks and let's go!

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Google and why not?

More than 90% of internet searches are done on Google. So it is obvious that this is the best digital marketing tool to any business. A Google Ads campaign will allow for a stronger presence in related searches in order to attract new customers, maintain a competitive advantage and make a business more successful.

If multinationals and larges companies, continually invest in Google Ads campaigns, it is because they have studied and analyzed the benefits and so they know that despite their permanent presence and their notoriety worldwide, SEA on Google is essential and necessary for them to attract new customers and create customers loyalties.

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Google for whom?

Shops, craftsmen, restaurants, small businesses... all kind of businesses! According to a study carried out by Google, 4 out of 5 internet users do local searches and more than 70% of internet users visit a brand or contact a company within a radius of 10 miles. This shows that no matter the size of your company or its activity, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) on Google is for all businesses that want to grow and prosper.

It is more than obvious that SEA on Google is essential for all businesses wishing to appear in the top ranks on Google search. SEA on Google representing a considerable investment, it is strongly advised to use the services of a specialized and experienced professional, who is continuously informed of Google updates (algorithms, rules, news, etc.), to obtain fast and efficient results, at the best cost.

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